Preparing For and Responding to Power Outages

One of the single most common electrical events that takes place in homes and buildings, one nearly all adults have experienced at some point, is a basic power outage. Possible for a variety of reasons, power outages are usually relatively short-term and low-impact events – though there can be cases where they’re more significant concerns, as well.

At My Buddy the Electrician, our commercial and residential electrician services include a variety of basic responses to power outages, including long-lasting concerns where the power does not come back on within a reasonable period of time. Home and business owners should always be prepared in case of an outage so they and others in the building remain safe – here area some basic tips on how to ensure your space is prepared in case of an outage, plus how to respond if or when one takes place.

preparing responding power outages

Outage Readiness

For starters, here are a few items or themes you should be prepared with in case of a power outage:

  • Surge protection: In many cases, outages will be caused by power surges or fluctuations in power. These fluctuations can also cause significant property damage and present safety risks, which is why it’s vital for you to have surge protectors for important electrical devices in your home. In addition, homes that regularly experience outages should consider installing a whole-home surge protector and/or a lightning arrester for protection.
  • Generators: For anyone whose occupation or other needs dictate that they cannot be without power for any significant period of time, generators on the property are vital. These are also common installations for commercial businesses. There are also whole-home generators available.
  • Files and operating systems: Those in office spaces, and even those who keep files on computers at home, should regularly back up their files and operating systems in case of an outage.
  • Battery-operated devices: You should also have basic safety items on-hand for an outage, such as battery-operated flashlights and radios.

How to Respond

If a power outage takes place in your home or building, whether due to a storm or some other cause, here are some basic responses to take:

  • Find information: In most cases, your local power company will post information on their website soon after a major outage with expected length, causes and other information. Search for this as soon as it becomes available.
  • Appliance turn-off: During an outage, particularly one caused by a storm or any other incident that takes down power lines, your appliances may be dangerous due to power surges when the outage stops. Turn as many of them off as possible.
  • Avoid water: If there is any flooding or water damage taking place during the outage, avoid all water areas at all costs. They could contain exposed power lines or wiring that could pose life-threatening risks.

For more on how to prepare for and respond to a power outage, or to learn about any of our full-service electrical repair solutions, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Electrician today.