Locating Your Home’s Electrical Breaker Box

For any residential electrical issue or need, your home’s breaker box will be an important item to be aware of and knowledgeable on. This box is in charge of connecting your home to the electricity grid in your area, plus diverting electricity that flows to your home into various rooms and appliances correctly, making it something of a central control for the entire home’s electrical needs.

At My Buddy the Electrician, we’re happy to provide a wide variety of residential electrical services, including comprehensive assistance with any concerns you have regarding your circuit breakers or breaker box. One of the simplest such concerns for some new homeowners or even renters who have recently moved into a new spot: Locating the breaker box to begin with. Here’s a quick primer on why your box might be either inside or outside the home, how to locate it, and professional assistance in this area if needed.

locating home’s electrical breaker box

Box Inside Vs Outside

For the majority of homes still standing today, the breaker box will be found somewhere inside. This location can vary significantly, though some of the most common areas as garages, basements or kitchens. This is because most homes found today are still more than 15 years old.

However, if your home was built within the last 15 or so years, there’s a good chance your breaker box will be located outside instead. This is because, within this time period, regulations in several areas of the country have been passed requiring new home builds to include the breaker box outside – this is so local fire crews can quickly shut off electrical supply in case a fire is taking place. These regulations do vary by state, so ask a building inspector for information on your area if you’re moving into a new home.

Finding Your Breaker Box

If you were never informed where the breaker box is when moving into a new house, finding it is relatively simple. If you live in an area where power lines run above-ground, simply find the service head on your roof – this is the spot where the power line connects to your home, and the breaker box will be located directly below this service head on one of the stories in your home. You’ll see a metal panel door that swings open, or a large metal box that’s painted to blend in with your home’s existing paint.

Professional Assistance

Are you having trouble with any part of this? That’s nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of. Certain breaker boxes can be tougher to find, especially if your power lines run underground or your home has a particularly unique build. Our electricians will be happy to stop by and help you locate your box, plus assist you with any issues that may have arisen in or around it, or with its connections within your home.

For more on finding your breaker box, or to learn about any of our residential or commercial electrician services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Electrician today.