Extension Cord Storage for Safety and Convenience, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on safe extension cord storage in a variety of locations. Properly and safely storing extension cords is very important in any structure for preventing fire and related risks, plus maintaining the long-term quality of the cords themselves.

At My Buddy the Electrician, while our primary services include a wide variety of commercial and residential electrical repair, installations and related themes, we’re also here to provide expertise on numerous day-to-day electrical areas – including extension cords. Today’s part two of our series will go over some specific storage formats to consider for power and extension cords depending on the materials you have available, the kinds of cords you use and personal preference.

extension cord storage safety

Rolled Format

In many cases, the simplest and most convenient way to store your cords when they are not in use will be a rolled format. This can be done with no central item in many cases – you simply spool up the cord into a series of loops, often using your arm or elbow to assist. From here, the looped cord can be stored in a variety of settings.

In other cases, you might use an actual item to roll the cord onto. One popular choice here is a paper towel holder or some other hanging metal item, around which it’s simple and easy to loop your power cords.

Cinched Storage

In other situations, especially among those looking to keep their cords as organized and protected as possible, using cinched cord bundles is the way to go. There are numerous band types you can purchase, including many that are designed specifically to hold power cords and wires in place. You can even color-code or text-code these wires to ensure you never mix up your most common cords, a hugely valuable theme for those who have several different cord types on-hand but store them in the same place.

Hanging Themes

There are several formats available for hanging extension or power cords during storage, including the rolled hanging format we mentioned above – it’s common to combine certain themes here in intelligent ways. Others include installing basic hooks (or utilizing such hooks that have already been installed), or even considering a rotating belt-and-tie hanger that has several hooks in one small area. Hanging is a great way to ensure cords stay safe from any damage or moisture risks.

Clamping Concepts

Finally, for those who want to really secure their cords and prevent any mishaps, there are clamping devices you might consider. These have teeth that lock and release to hold the cord inside a specific clamp, as tightly or loosely as you’d like.

For more on the storage formats you might consider for your extension and power cords, or to learn about any of our electrical services, speak to the electricians at My Buddy the Electrician today.